Third Party Recovery Process

Let us pursue recovery of your losses

We pursue subrogation claims against negligent parties and when our client’s members have been involved in accidents. We investigate and pursue 100% of the payments made by our clients as well as help them avoid making future payments where other third party resources may be applicable.

We understand the level of urgency in subrogation. There is a limit to how much time you can have to investigate a claim, the surrounding evidence and file an objection before the statute of limitations runs out. We guarantee same day response on your initial inquiry to ensure no time is lost.

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Prompt Investigation

Subrogation action needs to take place as soon after the loss as possible. With our experienced counsel, investigators and experts involved from the start, we can get the right information and develop a plan of action immediately.

Legal Team Review & Negotiations

Our legal team will review all State and Federal laws, as well as procedural rules relating to each and every claim in order to develop the best strategy for seeking a full recovery of all payments made. Our attorneys excel in negotiation, and participate in mediations and settlement conferences, alleviating any need for the expense of outside counsel- a distinct advantage over actual firms.

Accounting & Payment

All subrogation recoveries are consistently deposited into a client trust account and shares are promptly disbursed with full accounting records and procedures followed. Whenever possible, Subrogation Services Inc. pursues strategies that allow us to seek 100% of the payments made by our clients. Even after our fees, you net far more than what you would net through a national subrogation firm.